About Patteson's Original

Joseph William Patteson was born in 1880 in Caistor just outside Grimsby. His father was Alfred Patteson a market gardener from Hasingham Norfolk, who had moved up to Lincolnshire with the family. In 1911 Joseph and his wife Ada had moved with their daughter Grace, to a new house in Hope Street, Grimsby. Joseph had become a Fruitier and Greengrocer, tired of throwing out old fruit and veg from the shop, he started making the leftovers into preserves. They soon gained a local following and both Ada his wife and their 2 sons, William and Robert, were helping in the fast growing family business.

As the business grew they moved to new premises in Spencer Street nearer the docks and a mile away from the house in Hope Street. The traditional chutney that was a mixture of fruit and veg was a firm favourite in Lincolnshire and soon the whole of the North of England.

Joseph Patteson died in 1962 at the grand old age of 81, and is buried in Scartho Road cemetery in greater Grimsby. His headstone inscribed "husband and father", he left a legacy that lives on in Patteson's Pickles limited…

Patteson’s Pickles was a successful business back in the day and boasted amongst its range such diverse products as coffee, cakes and biscuits. In the past the products were found on many a supermarket shelf although today our roots are very much in the traditional sectors of butchers and farm shops.

Whilst the company has suffered many ups and downs over the years it is our intention to revive its fortunes, remaining true to the founder's principals of quality and tradition in all the food we produce. With the help of our trusty 1964 Triumph Courier Van we aim to get out and about to promote Patteson’s Pickles and its great products, and hopefully give as many people as possible the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the company and its range.

So look out for us on Facebook and Twitter and most importantly our Triumph Courier Van at various car and food shows across the country. Stop by and have a taste, rediscover a taste for yester year.

Making top quality products for over one hundred years.


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